How many people can play on a team?

As few as you want and as many as can legally fit in your vehicle. The ideal number is at least four. One driver, one photographer, one person to jump out and pose in the photo, and one team member to be in charge of the item list. Each team must stay together and can only have one photographer.

Where do I take these photos?

Anywhere outside that you are allowed to be. Teams typically drive through neighborhoods that have many decorated houses. Some people choose a drive through a Christmas theme park. Pictures of items inside stores are not admissible. 

How do I obtain points?

Each item on the list is worth 1-30 points. Every time you submit a photo the app will automatically calculate your points. You can compare your standing to other teams on the dashboard. The winners for each region will have their pictures verified by an Ohana staff before receiving their prizes.

What are the photo guidelines?

Each photo should clearly show the listed item, such as Rudolf with a lit up nose. In addition, at least one team member with a Hawaiian themed item must appear in each picture. All pictures must be taken live during the time of the event. The app will open your camera, you cannot upload photos from the gallery.

What should I bring?

We don't have any rules about that, but here are some tips from previous players. Make sure you have a phone charger. Wear touch enabled gloves. Have a GPS available. Check traffic conditions before choosing a themed drive through park. Drive a four door vehicle you can easily get in and out of.